Message from the Head of the Department

A message from the head of the department


Precious metals and stones have been produced and used as a symbol of prosperity and nobility throughout the human history. While jewellery has been an essential part of proposals, special events, investments and clothing. We believe that research and development activities of jewellery production have to be carried out captiously while the traditional production methods are being harmonized with the modern technology. Thus, the aim of the industry should be to produce ergonomic, stylish, affordable and trendy jewellery. In order to achieve this goal, the industry needs qualified and educated employees who can keep up with the fashion and technology around the world. 

Jewellery and jewellery design department of Vocational School of higher education of Altınbaş University has been established to fulfil the needs of the industry and to train students by professionals.

Being located in Istanbul, the department has many advantages for students. They have the chance to keep up with the industry and technology while being educated at Kuyumcukent and ONSA factory. In addition, students have the opportunity to complete their education and take their master degrees with the vertical transfer examination. The goal of the Jewellery and Jewellery Design department is to educate students who can meet the needs of the industry.

We believe that everyone should work professionally and steadily throughout the journey that starts with a single line then turns into sketches and designs.

We are looking forward to meeting the jewellery designers of the future to make their dreams come true...


Lecturer Nevin CAMBAZ

Head Of Depertmant of Jewelry and Jewelry Design