Message from the Head of the Department



The Science of business gains more importance in the world that gets smaller and smaller with each passing day, thanks to technological constantly changing and evolving advances. Managing people, resources, processes and crises has become an art. In fact, survival depends on it in this world where the competition is very high. So, Business Administration Department aims to provide the graduates an infrastructure that will enable them to take an active role in such a world.

The graduates of the Business Administration Department can take a role as intermediate staff or even a mid-level manager in various public institutions or in private organizations. In addition, they will be equipped with the knowledge and skills to establish and manage small and medium enterprises. Our qualified academic staff and modern educational technology are our most effective means for achieving this. Besides, students will have the chance to see the business world in practice and to meet the experienced names in the business world by the conferences and seminars. Various scholarship opportunities are available for the students who will choose our department.

Our graduate students will also have the chance to transfer to the undergraduate departments of our university such as Business Administration, Economics and International Trade by DGS exam with many scholarship opportunities.

As a department, our goal is not only produce graduates who are equipped with the knowledge and skills necessary for the business world but also produce good people who question and investigate, who are aware of the culture of the world, have knowledge in different disciplines, have an understanding of personal and professional ethics and who are aware of their responsibility towards society.


We invite the good managers and the good people of the future to our department….


Lecturer Zeynep Ayfer BOZAT

Head of Department of Business Administration