Message From The Chairperson

Asst. Prof. Dr. Cemile TUNAThe Fashion and Textile Design Department aims to educate and train artistic and designer individuals who possess universal and contemporary designer qualifications and have assimilated intellectual values for employment by the textile industry. 

The students of the department are trained in the basic areas of textile industry such as weaving, printing, clothing and knitting. As such it is ensured that students, upon their graduation, are sufficiently equipped and confident designers in their fields. 

Besides design courses, courses in technology, management, art and design culture are taught by the academic staff coming from different disciplines, along with experts in the sector. Istanbul Kemerburgaz University, as a city-based educational institution, continues its fast-paced development to become the center of the textile and fashion industry of Istanbul as well as of the world through its artistic and designer graduates, who are uniquely skilled and have assimilated all the means of the information age with an eye to create fashion. 

The fashion and Textile Design Department implements student exchange programs within the European Credit System with European universities and the participants of the Erasmus project, thereby supporting the training and education of contemporary artists and designers who can adapt to the global scale of things. 

The Fashion and Textile Design Department, in collaboration with different departments in the university, promotes the work of its students to the art world and sector through events organized at the national and international scale. This helps develop and strengthen the self-confidence of students. The institutional distinction of Istanbul Kemerburgaz University is a guarantee of the status its graduates will achieve in the textile sector as well as their academic accomplishments.