Message From The Dean

Prof. Dr. Ali Argun KARACABEY<br />Dean of the School of<br />Economics and<br />Administrative Sciences

Dear Current & Candidate Students and Dear Constituents,

As Dean of the School of Economics, Administrative and Social Sciences, I greet you all with love and respect on behalf of all our academic members. With our six departments established under the School of Economics, Administrative and Social Sciences, our undergraduate programs taught entirely in English and our distinguished and extensively productive academic staff, we aim to provide our students with the most sophisticated, modern and high quality education. For this purpose, we help our students improve their theoretical foundations, and prepare for life after graduation thanks to our strong connection to the business world.

The academic staff in the School of Economics, Administrative and Social Sciences consists of academicians who graduated from globally recognized universities, leading experts in their respective fields and thoroughly accomplished scholars. Our academic staff stand out with its scientific productivity and the student-centered learning approach. Another aspect of our educational approach is to enhance theoretical education, which is the key to a strong educational foundation, by combining it with practical training in order to provide students with industry-specific knowledge and experience. For this purpose, we hold various seminars and activities where we bring together students and leading business people from different sectors; we offer CO-OP and internship programs, private sector cooperation projects where our students can find the opportunity to gain job experience and attend the university simultaneously, thus we strive to ensure that all our students become highly competent individuals ready to leave their mark on the business world. Our aim is to shape our students into the successful, visionary and responsible leaders of tomorrow who will have their names written in letters of gold in the business world, the academia and the international arena.

As Faculty administration and academics, we are asking ourselves one consistent question: How can we provide our students with a well-deserved education and a flawless perspective that would help them lead a happy and successful life after graduation?

One main reason behind the success of Altinbas University School of Economics, Administrative and Social Sciences is our willingness to consistently improve ourselves with the purpose of offering our students a strong education and perspective that will help them live a happy and successful life after graduation. We believe that only those who change themselves constantly and endlessly, those who are capable of improving and adapting themselves will achieve success in today’s world. For this very reason, we regularly update our curriculum and course content considering the latest industrials trends, technological breakthroughs and innovations, and tools/instruments used in the field in order to provide our students with a better education. Given the fact that we attach great importance to the value of practical knowledge, we work to establish and maintain cooperative relations with the leading actors of the business industry. We believe that the only way to make a real difference is to establish an education that will bring students closer to life. For this purpose, on one hand, we strive to increase academic productivity by establishing research centers, on the other hand, we work to touch the lives of people by bringing together science and every day life.

Beyond all our efforts, we use every means available to help our students be equipped not only with knowledge specific to their own field, but also with knowledge and expertise in different fields. As School of Economics, Administrative and Social Sciences, we aim to train all our students to be cultured and sophisticated individuals equipped with scientific knowledge, capable of self-analysis, having the ability of questioning and taking a critical perspective on their surroundings and the world. Our ultimate goal is to help our graduates evolve into accomplished individuals who are capable of leading a satisfactory, sustainable, successful and happy life, and taking their community one step further as well.

I invite you all to take a closer look at our outstanding University and Faculty to learn more about the works we carry out in line with this purpose.

Prof. Dr. Ali Argun KARACABEY – Dean of the School of Economics, Administrative and Social Sciences